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The Innovation Nexus: Uniting Cook County for Tech-Driven Workforce Solutions

Origami Works is happy to announce that an inspiring new initiative is underway within Cook County’s workforce development sector: The Innovation Nexus.

The Innovation Nexus brings together the workforce development, business, and career education ecosystems in Cook County to create innovative, tech-driven solutions for shared challenges. We are thrilled to see how the Nexus will not only serve its members, but Cook County at large.

Nexus members include stakeholders from across workforce development, business, and education. Membership is free, and only requires (1) a shared commitment to economic equity in Cook County and (2) a readiness to collaborate on exciting tech-driven projects to further that goal. While Nexus projects are member-led, Nexus staff builds and maintains shared projects independently, ensuring members' time is used effectively.

Two of Origami Works Foundation’s most exciting projects, Talent Solutions Connector and Chicagoland Career Pathways, are moving under the Innovation Nexus umbrella. Here, they will be maintained and continue to grow in order to best serve Cook County’s workforce.

We are incredibly proud of the work that we’ve done on these platforms, as they have made the workforce landscape more equitable and addressed system-wide needs in an accessible fashion. We know that these projects are in good hands with the expertise at the Nexus, so we look forward to seeing what the future has in store!


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