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job description

 About Our Organization: 

UtmostU is a comprehensive program aimed at supporting young adults (fellows) who have been adversely affected by systemic inequities. Our mission is to support these individuals in achieving their post-secondary education and career aspirations, with the long-term goal of reducing the racial and ethnic wealth gap.


To address the unique challenges faced by our fellows, UtmostU is committed to providing them with the necessary support and guidance for success. Through our extensive network of coaches in schools and community-based organizations who have existing relationships with their fellows, we offer a wide range of tools, partnerships, resources, and efficiencies that strengthen organizational capacity to help more young adults reach their goals.

See the UtmostU website for more info

 About the Positions: 

Experiential Learning and Program Support Interns

We will hire two interns who will create and manage events, programs, and other professional development opportunities that upskill both young adults and their post-secondary coaches. Examples include Summer Jump Start sessions, surveys, and outreach. They will also research potential program partners, affiliates, and funding partners to expand the resources we are able to offer fellows. Finally, our interns will provide guidance and feedback on communication and social media.

Each intern will work with their managers to create a capstone project based upon their interests and areas of growth.

 Our Ideal Interns Exhibit: 

  • Inquisitive minds

  • Strong communication skills

  • Project management skills

  • Confidence to provide input


 Time Commitment: 

Up to 35 hours/week working including 5 hours/week professional development activities
$17.50/hr compensation

 Location of Internship: 

50% Remote and 50% Onsite at

200 W. Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60606

 To Apply: 

Please submit a cover letter and resume to our HR and Operations Team at

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